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Streamline your day care's rostering with Get My Roster:

Efficient scheduling: A rostering platform can help day care businesses schedule shifts for their employees efficiently. This means that the platform can help ensure that the right number of staff are scheduled for each shift, based on the expected number of children that will be in the day care center.

Easy communication: A rostering platform can also facilitate easy communication between the day care center and its employees. The platform can send notifications to employees about their shift schedules, and allow employees to communicate with each other if they need to swap shifts or request time off.

Reduced workload: With a rostering platform, day care businesses can reduce the workload involved in scheduling and rostering employees. This means that staff can spend more time focusing on the children they are caring for, rather than on administrative tasks.

Improved staff management: A rostering platform can help day care businesses manage their staff more effectively. For example, the platform can provide information about staff availability, training and qualifications, making it easier to assign the right staff member to the right shift.

Better compliance: A rostering platform can help day care businesses ensure that they are compliant with regulations around staffing and child-to-staff ratios. The platform can provide information about the number of children in the center at any given time, and ensure that the correct number of staff are present to meet regulatory requirements.

Overall, Get My Roster can help your day care businesses improve efficiency, communication, staff management, and compliance, ultimately leading to better outcomes for both the business and the children in their care.

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Add locations

Add the locations where your organisation operates. Quick Tip: If you have multiple classes or rooms, then you can make use of locations for areas where you can assign staff to.



Add all your staff

Add all your staff in your organisation, invite them using the mobile app or the web platform. Tip: You could add a default location to the staff while inviting them to the roster as well as choose locations where they can work. This way they would show up in the list while adding shifts to that particular location.


Staff Certifications

Add your staff certifications in one place. Also with shift levels you could create shifts for people who have a particular skill set. Helps you in being compliant everytime without the hassle.



Start creating rosters

Now that you have your staff and locations setup, you can start creating rosters for the week. If you are unsure of a shift, you could create OPEN Shifts and your staff can assign themselves to the shift if they match the shift level criteria.


Print roster

You need to display the roster for the day as per compliance. You can print out the roster page using your preferred browser and print it out. Its that simple.


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